Jetboil Genesis Base Camp System – The Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Gear

Making some Michelin food in your camp? Why not? Maybe not the real restaurant-grade gourmet, but some filling and appropriate meal can make your camping trip wholesome. It is also an important part to survive and must-have outdoor gear anyways. In this case, if you have space and weight concerns, choosing Jetboil genesis might be one of the options. Here is why.

Compact And Durable

There is one reason why people prefer to cook in the simple pot on top of their campfire, the weight, and complexity. Yes, some cooking ware for outdoor uses is horrible in creating simple stuff. But it doesn’t happen to the Jetboil Genesis. With the price of $375, at least, the price shows its quality.

The design of the equipment is pretty simple with a black and orange coating to make it pop. At the first glance, the cookers come in a very lightweight design even with its two installments. Yes, it has two cookers that are pretty solid and thin. It is even connected with handles that allow you to fold the product. Making it easy to carry or pack in your bag.


But how good is it? Considering how the outdoor gear can fold into itself, the durability is topnotch. It offers easy storage ability and fewer extra pieces to lose because all the parts come in one piece. You got two jet link compatible stoves or the luna satellite burner in the system. The result? You have a full range of fire options to make your cooking time more effective.

Sometimes, when camping appears like moving home, you should consider bringing some simple and compact cooking equipment. In this case, Jetboil genesis comes as one of the recommendations. It is easy to use, looks epic, and durable. There is nothing to lose since all the parts are connected. Is it worth it? Yes, check out for more info.