Brake Pads : When to Replace Your Brakes

Brakes reduce your forward motion in a vehicle by applying pads to the wheels which put pressure on the wheels and reduce forward momentum. Effective braking is perhaps the single greatest safety feature a car can have and yet many people aren’t familiar with the tell tale signs of worn brakes. If your brake pads are worn it can result in a substantial increase in the amount of time it takes to pull up when brakes are applied, and in extreme cases the brakes can actually fail to work altogether.

Worn brakes and what to do about them

When you apply pressure to the brake pedal it activates either a cable, or in more modern cars a computer chip, that then uses a hydraulic system to force a pad to apply pressure to the wheels, which slows the vehicle. In a manual car lowering the gear ratio (going down through the gears) also has the effect of braking the vehicle.

How to tell if brakes require attention includes the following signs.

  • When you apply the brakes it may cause the car may veer to the left or the right
  • You may notice that it takes longer to pull up
  • You may notice a distinctive ‘burning’ smell after hard applications
  • You may notice you have to apply the brake pedal much harder and deeper than usual to make the car pull up

After time and continued use a brake pad starts to deteriorate. When it becomes worn it is less effective and eventually will fail altogether. Whilst it is unusual for all your car’s brake pads to fail simultaneously, it isn’t unknown in cases where maintenance has been overlooked. Usually though, brake pads will all wear at slightly different rates, which can cause a car to pull up unevenly. You can fix it here : Nashville Auto Repair

The only solution to worn brakes is to have them replaced or serviced by a professional mechanic. This is not a job that you should ever tackle, as it is complex and vital to the safety of the car’s driver, passengers and other road users.

How to replace brake pads

Taking note of all these signs will help you identify when it is time to have your brakes repaired. Unless you are a qualified mechanic, this is one job that best left to the pros. Good brakes are essential for safe motoring and shouldn’t be tackled by amateurs. Having them checked at every service and following your trusted mechanic’s recommendations for replacement and repairs is the best way to keep your vehicle safe, as even a little wear in the wrong place can cause uncontrolled braking and lead to serious accidents.