How To Clean Paper Pick Up Rollers On Canon Printer And Fix Paper Feed Problem

How To Clean Paper Pick Up Rollers On Canon Printer And Fix Paper Feed Problem

Hi we have a Canon Pixma MG5320 printer and were having some problems with the paper pickup. So not every page especially when we’re trying to print photos, it’s not picking up every paper. That’s sent.

So there’s an easy solution for this it’s very simple especially with Canon Pixma printers it’s very easy access to any of the rollers. For the paper pick up, so on the bottom there’s a drawer.

How To Clean Paper Pick Up Rollers On Canon Printer

The main drawer that will have paper in there. I’m gonna pull that out and we’re gonna remove the bottom drawer, and I’m gonna put the printer on its side so we can get easy access to this, and as you can see, the pickup rollers for the bottom tray is these t right here.

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We’re gonna grab some alcohol swabs or you can put some alcohol or cleaning solutions best thing to do is alcohol on a paper towel, or the swab that we have here. Those are easy to get at any pharmacy they’re like a buck or two, for a box of them, and we’re just gonna manually spin as best you have the printer off at this time.

We’re gonna manually spin, one roller with one hand and then we’re just gonna keep. Usually it’s gonna be dirtier than this one. This one only has about 500 pages printed.

If you have a couple of thousand then it’s it’s gonna be more dirty than this and probably will have it will be about time to clean them.

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So you just spin one wheel if there’s one whole roller you just swipe it across then twist it a little bit and go on.

For the rear tray that’s what we tried to use the photo paper in. We’re gonna skip these over to the sides, the roller in here is it’s pretty deep I mean not too deep it’s reachable with fingers, it’s in this area and if you put your hand in there you’ll be able to feel the rubber roller.

So we’re gonna do this a similar, plan here we’re gonna take the swab also and then with another hand we’re just gonna spin the plastic part of it. And as as the roller spins we’re going to clean that, and we’re going to after that we’re gonna let it dry for about a minute.

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Then put some paper in and test it and you should be ready to go. Any paper pickup issues that you have on any Canon printer is usually a roller.

There’s no need to replace it it’s just gonna be a lot of work most of times they’re in good shape they just need some cleaning. Good luck with that thank you for reading and read more at