The Mp3 Download YouTube Conversions For You

Download Lagu from youtube is act to get youtube videos to mp3 format. You may have tried to convert your file via different software and online platforms, but your quest for the best converter has not ended yet. But this article will assure you that what are the best platforms available for mp3 download YouTube songs or other audio files.

You may be a multimedia designer, gamer, marketing personnel who want to make catchy ads, or you just want to save the songs in mp3 format in your audio player for your Android or iPhone.


You might be concerned about your OS security or worried about your storage options and are running short of time. Therefore, this article will take you through the best options currently available from which you can have ample benefits.

1.  Travelagu

Travelagu also called “Gudang Lagu” is the 1st best site for you. This is one of the most demanded, and currently, the number one trending mp3 download YouTube source about which you have not heard of. Therefore, let’s deep dive into the features and the prospects that this online platform has to offer. Following are the exclusive features that it offers to its users:


  • The process is swift and requires very little time.
  • Usage is quite easy; you just paste the required URL, and it will ask you about the file format, and with one click, it will commence the procedure of conversion.
  • It is absolutely free, with no hidden charges.
  • No subscription or registrations required.
  • You can convert & download an unlimited number of files.
  • Since there are no registrations and subscriptions, all the conversions are anonymous.
  • There are several output selections for you to convert.
  • Safe and secure process.
  • It is ad-free.
  • Considering all the features of this online platform, now you will definitely be thinking whether it is illegal to convert the files, in that regard Travelagu says that, if the content is subjected to copyrights, and you are not allowed to produce the copies for the distribution purposes then it is illegal. However, if you have files just for your personal purposes, then it is entirely legal.


Also, Travelagu makes sure that the user experience is matchless; therefore, it allows you to convert from YouTube to mp3 with the bitrates of 320 kbps. It also allows you to smoothly transfer the files to your default storage or your music player. And to date, they have converted more than 800 TB in total.

2.  Ninjalagu

When we talk about professionalism, we talk about Ninjalagu in the field of file conversions and editing. This online platform is offering you the best possible hybrids of conversions, editing, and optimizing your files. The platform claims to be a matchless one with regard to combo features and services that it is offering. Let’s look at the competitive advantage that using Ninjalagu you can have at your disposal.

  • The process is quite speedy
  • Provides a range of services from conversion, editing, YouTube songs, image editing, pdf manager, image converter, presentation converter, document and font converter, and similarly many others.
  • It is a free process if your file size is up to 1500 Mb; by merely registering, you can avail the service.
  • It provides you with the best bitrates possible, enhancing your experience to new boundaries.
  • Hassle-free and brilliant in performance.
  • It is ad-free
  • Most demanded in the professional world.
  • Offers the perfect User Interface, so that you can convert your files comfortably.
  • It is highly efficient to produce your results.
  • Perfectly secure.
  • No installation requirements.
  • Offers cloud storage.

They have various lines of subscription packages coming, which will be best suited to every individual’s requirement. In addition to that, since Ninjalagu offers a number of services mentioned above from mp3 download YouTube songs to different documentaries and sound conversions and services like pdf mergers, editing your audio files, adding and deleting sections of the data being converted is also being offered within the same package.




For an exceptional experience and smooth transitions of your files to mp3, Ninjalagu and Travelagu are the best platforms available right now in the market. You can have all your respective tasks done using these platforms. The high safety and security, along with the quality conversion process without any hassle, is the competitive advantage of these platforms, and user experiences are the mouth to speak proof of these hassle-free conversion platforms to mp3.