Top Six Ways To Make Money Online

Wow, even though that isn’t a mouthful to say it is quite a bit to do. There are many ways to make money online.

* Create your own Membership site
* Create an ebook and sell it online, and have others sell it for you as well.
* Sell other peoples products, physical through drop-ship, or virtual via ebooks and software. Getting a commission for each buying customer.
* Stock and sell physical products through your own website.
* Create a quality site and sell advertising on it.
* Create site with good content and then place Google AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network advertising on your site, making a commission each time someone clicks on an ad showing on your site.

Each one of these methods has it’s own pluses and minuses. Let’s go through each one in a little more detail.

In order to create a membership site, that you can actually earn an income from, you will have to create a lot of very good quality content. Give that content away for free. Promote your site using various methods then once you have some traffic you can start to think of the membership side of things. Create a membership area using the software of your choice. Choose the way you want to collect money, credit card processing (like CCbill), with Clickbank, etc. Then create even better content, things of a technical or time sensitive nature usually works the best. Put this new content into your member’s area. Promotes you new member’s area and wait for someone to join.

Creating your own ebook is not too hard if you are a writer. As much as many people have this dream about someday writing a book, it is just not that easy. Now you can outsource the writing to someone, but that will cost some money. Plus you still have to create a site, promote it as before, hope other people will want to promote it for you as well. Then wait for the money.

If creating your own ebook is not for you, why not try promoting someone else’s book (you can find them on sites like ClickBank or CommionJunction). They have already done the hard work of researching the topic, writing the book, and creating the sales page for you. All you have to do is find a way to send them the people and when someone makes a purchase you get a commission.

Finding physical products you want to sell is a tough one. First you need to layout the money to purchase the product, find room to store it. Build your site, with a shopping cart system included (which can be expensive). Promote your site like crazy all the while finance the stock you bought.

Selling advertising on your site is very difficult. First you need to build a site with top quality content. A site that businesses will want to advertise on. This on its own is a lot of work, but the tough part kicks in when you go out to try and convince business owners that your site is where they want to spend their advertising dollars. At this point you need to be able to provide potential advertisers proof of your traffic.

Selling advertising through Google or Yahoo is much easier than selling banner advertising. You still need to create good quality content (notice a trend here?), and then Google &/or Yahoo will provide you with a little bit of code to place on your site which will display some ad which target your page’s content.